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New Section, Uphold Updates, Upcoming Posts, Help Wanted

As you can see, I’ve added a new Blog section to the site. This will be mainly for meta things like updates to the site, things I’m working on, upcoming posts, etc. I don’t plan to publicize these posts like I do with the main content unless people tell me they really want these updates as well. If you want to know when I post a new blog post on top of the content posts, please sign up using your email so you get an email update from the site. If there’s enough demand, though, I’ll have the site post Blog updates to your favorite content site as well. Just let me know.

Right now I’m currently going back through the early tutorials and adding Uphold to them instead of just Coinbase and Circle. I’m all about options and I think, except for their higher minimum purchases, Uphold is another fine one with which to get started.

I’m continuing to review different sites I mentioned in Education 10 – Earning Bitcoin. I started with the microtask/survey/offer sites. I will soon transition into the job boards and then to the more unique offerings. I’m really looking forward to that.

I’ve been contacted by a couple interested parties about guest blogging, content swaps, and such. I have to say that I am very interested, but I’m mainly looking for something specific. If you’re a tried and true iOS user I would love to work with you. As I’m an Android user and don’t have an iPhone, I would love to have someone write the iOS parts to posts I’ve already made as well as iOS specific applications. If you’re interested, contact me and we’ll talk about it.

I would also like to take a moment to thank everyone for reading the site. I really hope it helped you out in some way. If it has, I’d love to hear about it. Use the Contact form and tell me your story.

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