Blog 4 – My Reaction To Circle

My Reaction To Circle

On 2016-12-07 I received an email from the Team Circle. This was not a personal email, as I am a customer as well. It mentioned several things, several of which I found exciting, but one thing stood out above the rest. Circle, it seems, is moving away from the service of buying and selling bitcoin. This decision floored me.

It appears that Circle wants to become another Venmo, Dwolla, PayPal, or any other of a number of money services businesses. Unfortunately instead of adding other services to their platform to enhance their product they chose to take out the one service that made them what they are today and stand out in a crowd. My guess is that their transition to “Spark”, which their email states is a “new neighbor on the blockchain” and “connects digital wallets around the world with full legal compliance that keeps everybody’s money safe” didn’t allow for an unregulated financial instrument.

Whatever Circle’s plans are for the future I wish them the best. However I will no longer recommend their service to anyone, nor will I use their service from this point forward. I will also be removing them from the tutorials on this site and putting a large notice on my review of their service that it is outdated, why it is inaccurate, and should be ignored. This is not retalliation. I just can’t, in good conscience, recommend a service that is not Bitcoin related on a site that is about Bitcoin.

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