Blog 5 – News And Upcoming Posts

News And Upcoming Posts

It has been some time since I’ve posted regularly and for that I apologize. I have recently been staring at my growing list of possible topics, currently sitting at 109, and was not necessarily excited about any of it. That is not to say that Bitcoin is not an exciting space or that the things on my list are not exciting. More to say that, well… how many wallets can you really write about and still justify the time? If you have a few options and you find one you like, how many more reviews am I going to want write? On top of that, how many are you likely to read? Unless, of course, Bitcoin gets some crazy new feature and you want to know which wallets support it first. That’s just one example. This month has given me several things to write about, however, and I am busy getting those posts together.

Here are some sneak peeks:

With the move by Circle to discontinue the buying and selling of bitcoin it left a hole in my previous line-up of options to buy and sell bitcoin with a broker-like service. I have been looking at two possible services to replace them in the line-up, but reviews such as that take time due to setting up accounts, cards, ACH, buying, selling, sending, receiving, etc. The results of these trials and the subsequent reviews will come later.

I received an email from Uphold with some fairly exciting news. They now accept ACH transfers from US bank accounts. That means they’re more capable than they were and became so just in time to fill a void left by Circle. This will not stop me from adding another service to my list. It’s always good to have options. But it does mean I have to go back and alter older reviews and tutorials to reflect this new information. If you read my earlier review of Uphold as well as saw the mentions in the tutorials you may want to give them another look.

BitPay released a new wallet that I believe deserves some attention simply because it’s so pretty. A very short review would be that it looks like their other wallet, Copay, with a new GUI. But to leave it at that would be doing the wallet a disservice. I’ve been using it as my daily driver for a short time now and it could be my new favorite entry to mid level wallet. I also have the BitPay card on the way, which integrates with the BitPay wallet like Shift and Coinbase. Depending on the experience it may warrant a separate review, but we’ll see.

If there are topics you would like me to write about, things you would like to learn, products or services you would like reviewed, please contact me on the contact page above. I would love to hear from you!

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