Blog 6 – Decision To Turn Off SatoshiPay

Decision To Turn Off SatoshiPay

Eight months ago I decided to convert my site over to using a paywall using SatoshiPay as a content payment solution. I decided to go with it simply because ad revenue just wasn’t there. It was an experiment and I’ve learned a lot. I’ve decided to move away from it for several reasons, the main one being that either my content isn’t worth the $0.05 that I was charging for people to read it or the Internet just hates paying for content. I’m going to assume the latter as I’m still getting positive reactions to the content I’ve left free but my bounce rate is through the roof on pages that are behind a paywall. You, the visitors to my site, have spoken and I have heard you.

I will leave SatoshiPay up on the blog about using it as a content creator, but I will be removing it from the rest of my pages. As a thank you to everyone who continues to read and direct users to my site I am making all posts completely free with no ads for a time. I’m not sure which direction I’m going to go at this point. I was considering checking out how Brave does things but I really don’t want to bother with ads at all. I may quietly put donation links back up. Until then, enjoy the grace period of free content. If you’re happy with the decision, let me know, spread the word, tell me what you think.

Now… back to writing.

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