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Review 38 – Opendime


For a long time I’ve watched people create physical Bitcoin, which has always baffled me. Don’t get me wrong, they look really freaking cool. We all know what Casacius coins look like because they’re on every mainstream news story about Bitcoin. Newer ones like Titan, Denarium, or the series from Infinitum are also really sexy.

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Review 17 – Bitcoin Paper Wallet For Android

Bitcoin Paper Wallet For Android

I’ve already written up a Tutorial on the best way to Make A Paper Wallet. However, in my Tutorial on how to use an old Android mobile phone to create a DIY Bitcoin Hardware Wallet I mentioned using an Android app to create Bitcoin paper wallets.

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Review 16 – Bitcoin Paranoid

Bitcoin Paranoid

I used to obsess over the price of Bitcoin. I used to watch the ups and downs in the market, tracking my holdings in spreadsheets, watching to see if I was in the black or in the red. I used to constantly pull my phone out of my pocket and see where the price was hoping for a surprise moonshot in the seven seconds I hadn’t checked before.

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