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Review 36 – Harborly


It appears that Harborly is back and under new management. I first became aware of Harborly in early 2014 and signed up for their private beta. I was sent an email in July of 2015 and told that they had launched in the US. Just a month later I received another email that they were shutting down and had decided to move on to other ventures.

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Review 34 – BTCPop


I found another investment opportunity along the same vein as BTCJam, Loanbase, and Bitbond. For those of you new to my posts, in investing Bitcoin I wanted to focus on decidedly Bitcoin things in which to invest. These things specifically needed to accept Bitcoin directly,

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Review 31 – SatoshiPay For Readers

SatoshiPay For Readers

Some time ago I wrote in Education 10 – Earning Bitcoin about various ways one could earn bitcoin instead of buying it. To earn it directly, in my opinion, is yet another way one can close the circle and live on Bitcoin. One of the ways I was excited to see explored was to write posts and,

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Review 30 – Airbitz


I was notified by the Community Manager of Airbitz that they were putting out a new version of their wallet and it had some cool new features they were proud of. She asked me if I would be willing to give their wallet a try and write a review on it.

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Review 28 – Bitcoin Taxes

Bitcoin Taxes

Breaking from the reviews with common thread, I decided to post this review early because it’s tax season in the US. There has been a lot of discussion lately about how it works and where to find more information. I wrote some time back about Bitcoin and paying taxes in the US,

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Review 21 – Uphold


I’ve been relatively happy with my choice to promote Coinbase as an initial on-ramp to the Bitcoin ecosystem. I am expanding my on-ramp listing to include Uphold, but know that Uphold members are subject to the same Anti-Money Laundering laws and Know Your Customer guidelines in the US.

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Review 20 – Netki


After finding the Bitholla service, which I recently wrote a review on, I found another service that Bitholla had partnered with called Netki. In an attempt to find the perfect way to have a verbally transmittable Bitcoin address I decided I would give this service a look.

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Review 19 – Bitholla


In my previous review, the one on, I pointed out that I was looking for a simplified way of handing out a Bitcoin Address verbally. I also pointed out the flaws in that company’s particular product. I may have found the answer to my search in a new Bitcoin social payment platform called Bitholla.

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Review 18 –

I’m always on the lookout for easy ways to have people send me bitcoin. QR codes are great, but what if I’m on the go and don’t have time to dig out my phone, unlock it, pull up my wallet, unlock it, pull up a QR code, and have it scanned?

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Review 8 – Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

I really like Copay mainly because it runs on everything. It makes a very good teaching tool because it’s very intuitive and I don’t have to explain how to do things differently based on which platform my readers may choose to use. But if someone asked me which Bitcoin wallet software happens to be my favorite I would not hesitate to say Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet.

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Review 7 – Bitwage


I have a very long list of topics to write about for this site. A significant portion of those topics are reviews. In that category there is only one that falls under the Payroll header: Bitwage. They are the only company out there so far providing this service,

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Review 6 – Shift Payments Debit Card

Shift Payments Debit Card

I’ve been working with Bitcoin since December of 2013. Ever since I got started I wondered how long it would take for someone to partner with Visa or MasterCard to get a debit card backed by a Bitcoin wallet. To me it was a no-brainer.

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Review 2 – Circle

NOTICE: I’m leaving this review up and untouched below this notice because it was accurate when I wrote it. On 2016-12-07 Circle announced that they would no longer offer the service of buying and selling bitcoin. I am rescinding all recommendations of their service simply because they are no longer a Bitcoin related service.

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Review 1 – Coinbase


I’ve been using Coinbase for two years now. In fact my first Bitcoin wallet was with Coinbase. The fact that I’m still using this service is testament to its usefulness. Coinbase takes a lot of flack for a few things, some imagined and some deserved, but it’s still one of the easiest and safest ways to get into the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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