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Review 39 – CoolWallet


I’m always on the lookout for competition in the Bitcoin ecosystem. I’m a firm believer that competition breeds innovation and keeps prices down. Don’t get me wrong, I think there’s definitely something good about being an established name with a proven track record. It fosters trust and respect. However,

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Review 37 – Electrum


I’ve never been a big fan of desktop wallets. I always thought that I was too mobile for them to be of any real use to me. I don’t see the appeal of being tied to a location. Even my laptop is relegated to a tool for writing.

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Review 35 – GreenAddress


Because I recently did a review on GreenBits I decided to do do a review on their other wallet product GreenAddress. I know the first question I’m going to be asked is why I would be recommending a web wallet when I’ve railed against them so hard in the past.

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Review 3 – Copay


If you follow my Tutorials to get into Bitcoin you’ll notice that I first recommend users start out with Coinbase or Circle. I do this for various reasons you can read about over there. But there comes a point in the Tutorials that I recommend people get a standalone wallet.

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