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Review 39 – CoolWallet


I’m always on the lookout for competition in the Bitcoin ecosystem. I’m a firm believer that competition breeds innovation and keeps prices down. Don’t get me wrong, I think there’s definitely something good about being an established name with a proven track record. It fosters trust and respect. However,

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Review 5 – Ledger HW.1

Ledger HW.1

LHW1_boxMy second Hardware Wallet review is another Ledger product: the Ledger HW.1, which stands for “Hardware Wallet”. It is a smart card device that holds a Bitcoin Wallet. It can be used as a single user, but can also be purchased in sets of 3 or 10 and used in a group situation using multisig.

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Review 4 – Ledger Unplugged

Ledger Unplugged

LUN_boxFor my first Hardware Wallet review I would like to offer up the Ledger Unplugged. It is a Java Card applet running on a device the size of a credit/debit card produced by Fidesmo. It uses NFC to communicate with your mobile phone or other contactless reader.

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