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This is the first Gambling review for my site. I’ve always been a bit of a gambler. I enjoy the thrill, for sure. I understand that the house is there to beat me, but it’s nothing personal. I’ve had some superb wins and some crushing bad beats. I’ve occasionally wagered more than I could really afford to lose, but most of the time I set a limit and have fun assuming that was my fee for the entertainment. There is always a danger to gambling, but if you treat it like a game it can be a great pastime.

There are many different types of online gambling with Bitcoin. There are several sites out there and I will be reviewing many of them. But I’m going to start out by reviewing a very simple style of gambling called Dice. There’s not much to it, so it’s pretty easy to get started. The hard part is finding a gambling style that suits you. My first review will be a site called Rollin.

rollin_1When you first go to Rollin it opens up with a nice welcome and a quick tutorial giving you a brief description of how to play. It also describes some of the important features of the site. I’m going to start out by mentioning one feature I’m not a big fan of. This site runs on mBTC, or Microbitcoin. If you remember from one of my earlier Education posts, Microbitcoin is simply another denomination, specifically 0.001 Bitcoin. So, 100 mBTC is 0.1 BTC. I would prefer if they’d let users change the denomination in their personal settings. Just keep this in mind when gambling on this site.

rollin_2Speaking of gambling, the premise of this site is easy. Place your bet, predict the outcome, and roll. That’s the basics. The dice will roll a number between 0 and 99. You place a bet of at least 0.00001 mBTC as long as the odds allow a return, guess a number, and then predict whether the roll will be higher or lower than that number.

rollin_3But, before we get too far, let’s talk about your account. When you first go to the site it creates a temporary, anonymous account for you. Go to the Account button in the upper right and go to Profile. Your login is based on the URL listed there. You can copy this and save it if you like. You can use this URL to log in from other computers if you enable it. But this is highly insecure, so I really don’t recommend it. Think I’m joking? The link in the screenshot is right here. Anyone has access to the account I used to create this review with that link. Instead, I recommend you put in a username, password, set up two-factor authentication, and then put in an emergency Bitcoin address.

rollin_4The reason doing this is important is because you get user stats attached to your account. It keeps track of your bets, how many were wins, how many were losses, how much you’ve wagered and how much you’ve won or lost. All of this is important due to the next feature.

rollin_5If you keep rolling on the same account your stats will accumulate. As the amount you’ve wagered goes up, so does your Level on the site. As your Level goes up you get a better edge against the house and you get better bankrolls from the faucet. The house edge starts at 1%, but can reach as low as 0.8%. The edge comes into play, not in the calculation of odds, but in the payouts. The odds of winning a roll remain the same, but the payout if you win is increased subject to your level.

rollin_6To get started you can go to the main screen and click on Deposit to deposit funds.

rollin_7Or you can click on Free Bitcoins to use the faucet. Solve the captcha and click Claim your free Bitcoins and you’re ready to roll.

rollin_8Click on the Robot button with the rocket on it and you’re presented with a screen that allows you to set up parameters for auto gambling. You can tell the bot to continuously bet a certain amount in a certain way. It will continue to do this until you tell it to quit or you run out of money. This is an easy way to set it up on auto-pilot so you don’t have to keep clicking over and over again.

rollin_9There is also a Chat feature. It’s available in Public (English) and Multi (Any other language). There are rules, so please read the FAQ.

rollin_10In the chatroom is a Rainbot. If you’re a big winner or feeling generous for some reason you can send funds to the Rainbot to make it rain tips. If you send Bitcoin to the Rainbot it will select 10 random people that have been actively rolling and give them a random amount of the Bitcoin you send to the bot. The instructions are also in the FAQ.

rollin_11In the Promotions section are the Caesars of Rollin. Every week Rollin gives away 1000 mBTC, that’s 1 BTC, to the Caesars of Rollin. These are the high rollers of the site. If you make it in the top 10 of the site for the week you get a very respectable payout. This could either tie your wins together nicely or mitigate your losses, depending on the week you’re having.

rollin_12The last feature I want to talk about is the Affiliate program. You can find it in the Account section. If you sign up using my link Rollin pays me 15% of the amount you wager whether you win or lose. Note, this does not come out of your wins or losses. It’s strictly Rollin’s way of paying for advertising and bringing in new players. You can sign up without using the referral link, but it doesn’t affect you either way if you do use it. The reason I bring it up is because now I’m going to tell you how I settled on my strategy.

When I first started on Rollin I thought I had it all figured out. I deposited 1 whole Bitcoin and had a plan. I set up a low bet, as near to 50% odds, Martingale and just let the Robot run. For those of you not in the know, Martingale is a system where you start with a bet of 1. If you lose, you bet 2. If you lose you bet 4. If you win, you go back to a bet of 1. And you just set this on repeat. The idea is that one win and you cover all your recent losses. So, if you have a big enough bankroll, you always win! And it worked for a while. I was winning. In fact, I was winning so well I thought I had it in the bag. And I got greedy. That’s when I learned Martingale’s nickname: Martinfail. Martingale is like any other betting system and eventually you will lose. Don’t be like me.

rollin_13This is how I use Rollin now. Set up an account. Either deposit or hit the faucet. Go to the Robot and set it up like the screenshot. When you’re ready, click Start Playing. The robot will take care of the rest. In the meantime, wait for the Rainbot to occasionally shower you with tips. Doing it like this makes it like a faucet you don’t have to click on every half hour or so.

While the Robot is running you can also get your friends to sign up using your referral link and set them up the same way. If they do the same thing, you get 15% of what they wager, whether they deposit or use the faucet, or whether they win or lose. You can either withdraw this from the affiliate section when it pays or roll it into your bankroll to keep your system going. I usually just let this system run in a window on my computer and check it every day or so to make sure it’s still going. If it’s not I start it again. If it hits 25 mBTC I cash it out.

rollin_14Just go to the Withdraw button at the top. Enter the amount you want to withdraw, or hit All if you want it all. Then put in a transaction fee. The higher the fee the faster it’ll go through. Put in the Bitcoin address to which you want it sent. Then hit Proceed. Your Bitcoin will be sent in short order.

This system is by no means a money making machine. It’s more like a faucet I hope hits occasionally. Honestly, I haven’t even turned a profit because I’m still digging myself out of the hole I got myself in with my original not-so-brilliant plan. But because I have a decent amount wagered my level is high enough I don’t want to start over. I’m giving you this advice because, if you start this system up and don’t dig yourself in a hole by getting greedy, you stand a chance of having a decent automated Bitcoin faucet at your disposal.

That being said, I give Rollin the absolute highest marks for Bitcoin dice gambling. The site is clean and intuitive. It runs and runs well. I’ve never had to question whether it was fair because I can check that using the “Provably Fair” button. I love the progressively reducing house edge and increasing faucet. The affiliate program is fair. The chat is usually fun and lighthearted. Of all the Bitcoin gambling sites I’ve tried, Rollin is the one I continue to go back to. If you’re the gambling type, definitely give this one a shot.

As always, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose and if the gambling is no longer fun, seek help. Good luck!

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    Hello, nice article.

    Can you make a review on ? Is the same as Rollin, just whant to know what is your impression.

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