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In my previous review, the one on, I pointed out that I was looking for a simplified way of handing out a Bitcoin Address verbally. I also pointed out the flaws in that company’s particular product. I may have found the answer to my search in a new Bitcoin social payment platform called Bitholla.

bitholla_1Bitholla bills itself as a way to simplify sending, receiving, and requesting payments. You sign up, choose a username, and link a Bitcoin Address to your account. You don’t have to provide any private data and you can use whatever wallet you like. Bitholla does not hold your funds or function as a wallet. It simply links your username to a Bitcoin Address. This sounds pretty close to what I’m looking for, but it’s still not exactly right.

Again, you enter a single address. I mentioned in my review that using addresses over and over is a bad thing in Bitcoin. I would much rather see them allow you to use an xpub, that way it would automatically change your address every time one is used. I contacted Bitholla and they told me that this is definitely on their roadmap of changes to implement. Until then you can freely change your address through the app at any interval you wish.

bitholla_2The user interface is clean and intuitive. It consists of a user list, a map, and a notification list. The user list shows the users closest to you that have chosen to be visible. This is an option, not compulsory, by the way.

bitholla_3The map shows users and locations that accept Bitcoin.

bitholla_4The notification list is a list of interactions.

The first feature, the user list, is one I’m not impressed by since I’m highly unlikely to want to deal in Bitcoin with a random. I’d much rather see the contact list, which we will see later, up front as a tab. They could always switch it to a tab and put the nearby user list in the menu. But the other two are great features and I’m impressed by them so far.

bitholla_5In the menu there are a few more things to cover.

bitholla_6You can see and edit your profile, including a picture, name, status, and address.

bitholla_7You can also click on the QR code here and pull up a larger QR code for the address you’ve entered.

bitholla_8You can open your contact list and see the names you’ve chosen to add. I haven’t added any, so this screenshot is kind of boring.

bitholla_9You can also open a transaction list. This is specifically the transactions, as opposed to all the notifications in the notification tab. As you can see, the creator gave me a dollar. I’m guessing this was some kind of test or promo because I’ve not directly spoken to him before, at least not knowingly.

bitholla_10In the settings you can choose whether or not you’re visible, which currencies you’d like to work with, whether or not you’d like notifications You can also deactivate your account from here.

One thing I learned in exploring this service is that signing up with Bitholla gives you a free Netki address. This is a service I didn’t know existed and have added it to my list of things to review. It appears to be the same thing Bitholla does, only it works with other cryptocurrencies and you can set up your own wallet names. Because I signed up through Bitholla, mine is This is similar to what does with a URL except Netki doesn’t register it as a URL. It’s simply a convenient link usable by their partners, Bitholla for example. I would much rather they put this in thier DNS and allow it to be used as a URL. It’d make it much more functional.

Another problem I have is that looking up my wallet name at Netki shows a different wallet than the one I entered into Bitholla. It could be that Netki is using the first one I put in and not my vanity address that I changed it to in Bitholla for this review. I have messaged Bitholla support and will update this review when they reply.

Overall, except the fact that someone needs to be a Bitholla or Netki user themselves to use it, I really like this service. If they put in xpub support and allowed addresses to function as URLs, this service would be exactly what I’m looking for. I recommend you at least give Bitholla a look.

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