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As I mentioned in Education 10 – Earning Bitcoin, the next several reviews are going to be based on ways to earn bitcoin. I understand that not everyone has access to a bank account and not everyone has money to spend on bitcoin. To that end I wanted to give people as many options as possible to obtain bitcoin. The first bitcoin earning site I want to discuss is BitVisitor.

BitVisitor pays small amounts of bitcoin to users willing to visit webpages and leave the tab open for a set time period. That’s it, really. Here’s how it works.

bitvisitor_1There is no login. You simply enter a Bitcoin address and click next.

bitvisitor_2You’re presented with a page with some advertising and a notice of how much bitcoin you’ll receive if you visit the next page.

bitvisitor_3You fill out a captcha and click Visit.


You’re brought to the advertised page and you let the page sit for 5 minutes until the timer runs out.

bitvisitor_5Once it hits zero you’re given a Next button to click which brings you to another captcha, which leads to the next page.

You just do this over and over. Every 30 bits you earn is sent to your Bitcoin address. If you don’t earn all 30, you can leave the page and come back using the same address to continue where you left off. You could also switch addresses every day.

Over about an hour I went to 12 pages and earned 0.000012 bitcoin. But it appears that most pages pay 0.8 bits per visit. So, expect a return of roughly 0.0000096 per hour. At present price, that’s not even a US penny per hour. You’re looking at roughly $0.03 per 8 hour work day. There are faucets that pay better than this.

That being said, I would only spend time on this if I were combining it with a whole bunch of other earning opportunities at the same time. Open this in a tab, visit a page, go do something else, come back in 5 minutes, and visit the next tab.

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