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Continuing the process I started in Education 10 – Earning Bitcoin, the next several reviews are going to be based on ways to earn bitcoin. I understand that not everyone has access to a bank account and not everyone has money to spend on bitcoin. To that end I wanted to give people as many options as possible to obtain bitcoin. The next due on the list is BitcoinGet.

BitcoinGet allows you to earn bitcoin by completing surveys and small tasks. You get paid for each and they pay out within 24 hours once you earn 500 bits of more.

bitcoinget_1Like BitVisitor, there is no registration. You simply enter a Bitcoin address and enter the work queue.

bitcoinget_2You’re presented with a list of available jobs.

bitcoinget_3As you increase in level you will be presented with more opportunities.

bitcoinget_4On the Surveys tab you’re presented with the start of a questionnaire.

bitcoinget_5You’ll answer a some questions. A bit of a warning, hardcore privacy Bitcoiners won’t like some of these questions, but since they are only tied to a Bitcoin address and not personally identifying data, you should be fine.

bitcoinget_6Then you’re presented with a list of surveys.

bitcoinget_7Here’s where we hit an issue. I chose a survey listed as being worth about 800 bits. I pre-qualified. I went through the whole survey, which took about 10 minutes. I was then told I want a match and was given 10 bits for my time. If I complete the work, I expect to get paid what I was told I would get paid.

bitcoinget_8So, I tried it again. I picked a survey for 945 bits.

bitcoinget_9Again, I pre-qualified. I went to the survey and then was told I wasn’t a match.

bitcoinget_10So, I tried it again. I picked a survey for 2415 bits.

bitcoinget_11I was then taken to another survey site and not rewarded at all.

The survey side seem really shady, so I would avoid that part. If they actually paid what they stated this would be great, but I have yet to be paid what I was told I would be paid.

bitcoinget_12And, because of that, I don’t even want to try the offers. It just looks like I’m not going to get paid. Why would I want to go through this process of I may not qualify or may not get paid what I was told I would get paid.

I don’t really recommend bothering with anything on this site except the Jobs tab, and only if you’re going to combine it with a lot more earning opportunities. So far, I’m not even sure I’d recommend that. You’re better off punching in captchas on faucets. At least they pay out what they say they’re going to pay out.

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