Review 24 – Coin Bucks

Coin Bucks

Continuing the process I started in Education 10 – Earning Bitcoin, the next several reviews are going to be based on ways to earn bitcoin. I understand that not everyone has access to a bank account and not everyone has money to spend on bitcoin. To that end I wanted to give people as many options as possible to obtain bitcoin. The next due on the list is Coin Bucks.

coin_bucks_1This site is similar to BitcoinGet in that you can complete tasks and surveys for small amounts of bitcoin.

coin_bucks_2Once you register you are presented with a dashboard.

coin_bucks_3The offer wall shows all the tasks you can do and how much you can earn. Some things you sign up for. Others are as easy as installing an app.

coin_bucks_4I opened an offer for a $500 Kohl’s gift card.

coin_bucks_5Which led to a page that required that I enter my email address to get started.

coin_bucks_6Which led to a page telling me I would need to complete more offers.

coin_bucks_7Which would then require I complete more offers.

If I had to go through all this for just the $0.51 US worth of bitcoin the site offered I would pass. Granted, I could have completed all this for the $500 Kohl’s card plus the other things I would get from the offers, but this site is about earning bitcoin. Is $0.51 US in bitcoin worth the hassle? I could get that from faucets without going through all this bother.

coin_bucks_8Then I opened the Kika Emoji Keyboard offer.

coin_bucks_9It brought me to the Play Store to install the app. This could possibly be ok at $0.06 each.

coin_bucks_10The Offer Wall looks like the same listings and I’m being you can’t double up. But you could give it a shot.

coin_bucks_11There is an Android or iOS app called Coin Play so you can complete app install offers on the go as well. It might give you a way to get paid to poop, I guess.

coin_bucks_12The ranking system is based on Jedi names, which is kind of cool. But it has nothing to do with Bitcoin or the site, other than having a cool name. And I hope Disney doesn’t find out. What it does show, however, is an offer of permanent bonuses as you go up in level. The question becomes if you want to spend that much time leveling here.

This appears to be the same rodeo with different ponies. Although this looks more profitable than BitcoinGet, there is a lot more involved and some potential cost as well. Some of the offers require you to apply for a credit card and make a purchase, for instance. This means that profit is reduced. So, weigh the offers accordingly. And, unfortunately, that profit is not in bitcoin. Also, what is in bitcoin, the app requires a fairly high payout to even receive payment.

Again, I can’t fully endorse this path for obtaining bitcoin. The offers themselves may or may not be good, depending on your perspective, but as a path to bitcoin it’s only marginally better than other options. If you’re combining it with other offer centers you may see some profit, but again I’m not impressed.

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