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Continuing the process I started in Education 10 – Earning Bitcoin, the next several reviews are going to be based on ways to earn bitcoin. I understand that not everyone has access to a bank account and not everyone has money to spend on bitcoin. To that end I wanted to give people as many options as possible to obtain bitcoin. The next due on the list is PrizeRebel.

prizerebel_1Honestly, I was getting burnt out on survey and offer sites. I had four more on my list. I decided to complete the circuit with PrizeRebel. I didn’t think this one would be any different. And I decided that if it wasn’t any different I wouldn’t even bother with the last three.

I signed in. I was presented with a page of what appeared to be site add-ons, like offers to import surveys and such from other sites. I goofed and didn’t get a screenshot of it.

prizerebel_2I was immediately disappointed because the site appeared empty.

prizerebel_3But I scrolled down and found the offers.

I took a step back and decided to take the tour, which actually offered me points to complete.


Then it asked if I wanted to do another tour, so I figured, “Why not?”

prizerebel_5And, this is where the survey match questions came in. But I’m earning points, right?!

prizerebel_6That was easy!

prizerebel_7Let’s do another one!

prizerebel_8Which earned me more points.

So, that was 28 points for doing nearly nothing. This number may go up, depending on if I like them on Twitter and Facebook, and if anyone uses my referral link above. So far, this seems too good to be true. Let’s see what it’s like actually attempting an offer.

prizerebel_9Here’s one. The points aren’t too high. The instructions seem simple. Let’s see how it goes.

prizerebel_10It brought me to a site that wants me to join Kelloggs rewards. My family uses Kelloggs products. Why not? I clicked to join. First off, it seemed kind of confusing. I couldn’t find any link to click other than the privacy policy. So, I went there.

prizerebel_11It brought me to the privacy policy for I’ll be honest here and say I hate being shifted around like that. But, in the spirit of the review, I kept going.

Obviously, I read the whole thing, and then I clicked “Return To Home Site” at the bottom.

prizerebel_12It brought me to a page to put in my email address again, for which I would receive $100 in home savings… with an asterisk. This is what they were talking about in the instructions, though, right? Register with the last page and click the email link. But let’s just look to be sure.

prizerebel_13The asterisk, at first, seemed to just state that the offer wasn’t endorsed by the products shown. It was all Samples and Rebates offering. But then I noticed the exact same thing that kept me from doing the Kohl’s card offer I talked about in Review 24 – Coin Bucks. Sign up for one offer, get forced into completing several and not for bitcoin. But let’s see what happens.

prizerebel_14I was brought to another form. I filled out that form. Now we’re apparently almost there!

prizerebel_15Uh, no, let’s skip that one.

No, I’m not interested in going solar any time soon. No, I don’t want to go back to school.

Hmm… paper check or prepaid Visa? Let’s do the prepaid Visa.

prizerebel_16Sign up for more? Nah… Not right now. Skip!

prizerebel_17Sign up for more? I said no. Except to the Visa card. I want that.

prizerebel_18Ok, now this is getting ridiculous. Skip.

prizerebel_19Now I’m getting peeved. Skip.

prizerebel_20Ok, rapid fire… I clicked Skip at least half a dozen more times. I was then brought to a page asking me if I was a Union Plus member and to which union I belonged. I had to pause just because it looked different. Skip.

Missouri Travel Guide, skip. Build Direct, skip. Jobs2Shop, skip. Free Bible Verses newsletter, skip. Scary Mommy Age & Stage newsletter, skip. Then offers began to repeat. I began to click skip like it was my job.

prizerebel_21Wait, what’s this? A congratulations page! I won! I won $100 prepaid Visa gift card!

prizerebel_22All I have to do is complete more offers.

Forget it, I’m done. If you haven’t figured it out by now, these offer sites are all the same. They’re even the same offers. They simply try and get you to use their link to the offer instead of someone else’s. Referral marketing is like this. Even I do this when I post referral links. The difference is that I’m trying to show you where you’re wasting your time. And these offer sites? A waste of time. But let’s see if anything else on the site is worth it.

prizerebel_23The Survey portion looks vaguely familiar.

prizerebel_24Ah, yes. One of the providers was the same I had problems with over at BitcoinGet. Not going to get suckered into that one again.

prizerebel_25The Offer Walls look vaguely familiar as well.

prizerebel_26The Daily Points wouldn’t load, which means there likely aren’t any in my area.

prizerebel_27The Video Section was my last hope. But then I saw that you have to watch 6 videos for 45 seconds each to earn 2 points. At this point I was curious as to how much work I’d be putting in and how much I’d be making per hour.

prizerebel_28The Rewards section has a lot of stuff in it, but again this site is about earning bitcoin.

prizerebel_29Narrow it down to Bitcoin.

And, there you have it. Let’s toss out the 28 points I got for nearly nothing. Those were freely given by the site to get me to take the tour and fill out my profile. When it came to actual offers and surveys, I earned nothing. Granted, I was skipping the additional offers, but I wasn’t interested in those. Just like Coin Bucks, is it really worth all this hassle to earn pennies worth of bitcoin? And the microtask of watching videos to earn is just ridiculous. To earn $5 in bitcoin you need 500 points, for which you would have to watch 6 videos for 2 points. That’s 1500 videos for 45 seconds each. I’ll do the math for you. That’s 18 hours and 45 minutes. Do you know of a job that pays better than $0.27 per hour?

Again, if you want to go through the surveys and offers, getting the other things on top of the bitcoin offered, do so. But don’t go into this thinking you’re going to get easy bitcoin. There are much better ways out there to earn bitcoin. I’m done reviewing these microtask/offer/survey sites. If you know of one that’s worth it, contact me and I’ll review it. Until then, I’m going to continue to tell people not to use any of them.

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