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Continuing the process I started in Education 10 – Earning Bitcoin, the next several reviews are going to be based on ways to earn bitcoin. I’m going to push beyond the realm of microtasks. As you can tell by my recent reviews, they’re nothing but a waste of time if you’re doing them specifically to earn bitcoin. The best way to earn bitcoin, in my opinion, is to do work and get paid in bitcoin. So, I’m moving on to places to find freelance jobs that pay bitcoin directly. The first place on the list is XBTFreelancer.

xbtfreelancer_1XBTFreelancer is a site for both people looking for work and people looking to have work done. You can find jobs posted by people looking to hire out work they need done. These are likely to be job that can be done over the Internet. You can then bid what you consider an acceptable rate for you to do the work. Projects can be things like programming, translating, writing, art, design, to performing tasks on the Internet. There is actually a huge range of things that are possible with this.

xbtfreelancer_2I logged in and received a notification that I should immediately, and as completely as possible, fill out my profile.

xbtfreelancer_3Coming from a contracting background, I can’t tell you how important this is. Poke around on LinkedIn sometime. You can immediately tell who takes their career seriously just by glancing through profiles. So I used my picture, a few blurbs about myself, and some things off my LinkedIn profile to fill out my XBTFreelancer profile.

xbtfreelancer_4Then I started to look for work. As of writing there were 106 projects listed but bidding was only open on about 35 of them. The range of possibilities was incredible. Everything from $1 US per hour to talk about someone’s website in chat to $3000 US to create a multiplayer backgammon and mahjong website. I even found a few I think I may bid on.

xbtfreelancer_5I decided to contact a website owner about a project for which they were taking bids. It appears they are looking to pay owners of sites like mine to write an article about their site. While I will not typically accept money to write reviews, as I find that a conflict of interest, I thought this might be a good opportunity to test XBTFreelancer. I figured, if the site was a fit for me to write about, I could bid $1 to write the article and get paid through the site’s escrow system.

xbtfreelancer_6For this, I used the chat system of the site.

xbtfreelancer_7While waiting to be contacted I decided to bid on a project that would be ending soon, something that had nothing to do with my site, or Bitcoin for that matter, to see how bidding works. I decided to bid on a writing job, rewriting and correcting a press release for someone. The budget was listed a $5 to $50 US and the average bid was $21.50 US.

xbtfreelancer_8With no idea how long this would take I decided to list my qualifications and threw out a bid.

And that got me thinking. Maybe there is a way for me to hire a few things done for this site. So I started looking at what it would be like to hire through XBTFreelancer.

xbtfreelancer_9You can search for for a freelancer offering skills you’re looking for directly. You can view their profile to see if they meet your requirements. You can also read reviews on them. If you think they’re a fit, you can then send them messages through the chat system.

xbtfreelancer_10You can also post a project, listing out what you want done, what type of job it is, how much you’re willing to pay, select the skills you’re looking for, and then open the bidding. Freelancers will then submit bids for your project.

As this review is more about earning bitcoin, and I’m not ready to hire freelancers, I won’t go through the process of creating a project and milestones to pay out. Just know that this board is for hiring as well as finding work.

So far my experience on XBTFreelancer has been great. I have seen a varied listing of work and there seems to be a fair bit of it out there. And the best part is you can work from anywhere in the world and get paid in bitcoin for your time from anywhere in the world. If you have any marketable skills I highly recommend giving XBTFreelancer a look!


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