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Continuing the process I started in Education 10 – Earning Bitcoin, the next several reviews are going to be based on ways to earn bitcoin. I’m continuing to push beyond the waste of time that are microtask sites. The best way to earn bitcoin, in my opinion, is to do work and get paid in bitcoin. So, I’m moving on to places to find freelance jobs that pay bitcoin directly. The next on the list is BitGigs.

bitgigs_1Much like XBTFreelancer, this site is dedicated to posting and finding freelance jobs that pay in bitcoin. You can find jobs posted by people looking to hire out work they need done. Projects can be things like programming, translating, writing, art, design, to performing tasks on the Internet. But unlike XBTFreelancer, these postings appear to function more like a job board where you apply, not bidding for contracts.

bitgigs_2I logged in and was brought to a WordPress admin page. I’m assuming this was so I could post jobs. Not exactly what I expected.

bitgigs_3Adding a job appeared to be just like adding a blog post on my own site. Interesting way to do it. But again, not exactly what I expected.

But this post is supposed to be about earning bitcoin, so let’s go back to the main page.

bitgigs_4I started looking for work. As of writing there were 795 jobs posted, spread out over 80 pages. All of them appeared to be active.

The main interface is nice at first, but I immediately noticed some issues that I just can’t get past.

bitgigs_5There appears to be no way to sort posts by things like location or salary. This limits the ability to browse for jobs.

bitgigs_6They use terms like “buying”, “selling”, and “contract”. It’s my opinion that these boards should work off job posts and resume posts, allowing people to post work that they want done or search resumes for keywords. Although you may be able to do this with search on BitGigs, it mixes them all together as posts and hinders the ability to browse. And to make it worse, they’re often not even used correctly.

bitgigs_7I found a “buying” ad with someone selling their services as a professional writer.

bitgigs_8I also found a “contract” ad with someone selling their services as a Superhero Copywriter.

The search is just plain awful. I wanted to look for someone “buying” writing services so I could compare it to my search at XBTFreelancer.

bitgigs_9I started by doing a search for “writing”. It came up with 57 jobs. The problem is that it told me about “selling” and “contract” jobs as well.

bitgigs_10I figured I could click on the “Buying” button and it would only show me those listings, but all it does is darken the other two, not remove them. That means I still have to sort through them. And the highlight feature of the “Buying” button doesn’t hold from page to page. You have to click it on every page.

bitgigs_11I noticed that there was a popular categories over on the right. The top category is writing, even. Strange that the search only shows 57 jobs when the writing category shows 172. Anyway, I clicked on that.

bitgigs_12Much to my disappointment, it brings up the same search window, but uses a tag to show the jobs tagged for writing. Again, why didn’t search bring up the same jobs?

bitgigs_13Finally, I found a “buying” ad in the writing category. Really? What does this have to do with buying writing services?

bitgigs_14I just can’t get past the mess.

bitgigs_15You would think that this is maybe growing pains on a new site, but the oldest job post is 06 JUN and the copyright on the site is 2015. This just seems unprofessional.

You’d have to use the atrocious search to minimize the 80 pages of listings and then be forced to sift through every post only to find out it’s someone offering the same work you’re looking to do instead of someone hiring for the work you want to do. This became tedious in my review. I can’t imagine how it would feel doing this while unemployed.

Honestly, there seems to be a lot more posts here and the variety seems to dwarf XBTFreelancer. I can’t say I recommend BitGigs, but I can say that I wouldn’t necessarily discount them either. If you’re seriously looking for work, it may be worth your time to sift through their posts.

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