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Continuing the process I started in Education 10 – Earning Bitcoin, the next several reviews are going to be based on ways to earn bitcoin. I still feel that the best way to earn bitcoin is to do work and get paid in bitcoin. So, this is the third installment in the series of job boards that offer freelance jobs that pay bitcoin directly. The next on the list is Coinality.

coinality_1Coinality appears to be a nice blend of XBTFreelancer and BitGigs. Again, this site is dedicated to posting and finding freelance jobs that pay in bitcoin. You can find jobs posted by people looking to hire out work they need done. Projects can be things like programming, translating, writing, art, design, to performing tasks on the Internet. Unlike XBTFreelancer, these postings appear to function like a job board where you apply, not bid for contracts. Unlike BitGigs, it’s not a mess. Unfortunately, like Monster and other job boards, it appears they let other job boards post, which does tend to muddy the waters.

coinality_2I signed up fairly quickly, but I do have to note here that I was fairly disappointed by the fact that I had to choose between signing up as an Employer or a Job Seeker. What if I’m both? I decided to sign up as both so I could compare, but I’ll focus on a Job Seeker for the purposes of this review.

coinality_3Upon logging in I was shown a dashboard. As a Job Seeker you can view important information here.

coinality_4There’s also a place to upload a resume. Actually, multiple resumes. This is very important, as my job search history has proven. Always have several resumes tailored to your various strengths so you can apply the most leverage when seeking employment.

coinality_5You can set up job alerts so that you’ll be notified if jobs matching specific criteria are posted. This will allow you to rapidly respond to employment opportunities.

coinality_6You can monitor applications you’ve sent out.

coinality_7You can also set preferences specific to your career, availability, and what you’re looking for.

coinality_8But as I said in my review of XBTFreelancer, you should probably start off by filling out your profile, as completely as possible. People look at this stuff, folks. Take it seriously if you want to be taken seriously.

It was at this point I started looking for a job.

coinality_9This site lists jobs by type such as full-time, part-time, one-time, hourly, bounty, remote, freelance, internship, partnership, and even volunteer.

coinality_10Jobs are also posted by categories, meaning the field in which the job falls. However, you don’t appear to be able to search by this directly.

coinality_11The same goes for salary. Although an employer can put that on a job posting, you don’t appear to be able to search by it directly.

coinality_12The first thing I noticed after how the board was set up was the seriously big names that were posting jobs on this site. On the first page I saw Coinbase, Bitwage, Circle, Mycelium, and JP Morgan. And it didn’t stop there. I saw Fidelity Investments and Craigslist on the third page and IBM and IBM Watson on the fourth page. These names are posting on a job board hiring people and paying them in bitcoin. This is exciting news.

coinality_13As I said in my opening, it appears that other job boards can post on Coinality. I’ve seen this ruin other job boards like Monster. I saw links posted from Reddit’s Bitcoin job board and Upwork, specifically. Both of these places are legitimate, but opening the doors to this type of stuff can lead to job spam fairly quickly. Be aware when leaving Coinality to go elsewhere to apply. Unfortunately, it appears that you have to with most of these jobs.

I have to say that I think Coinality is a great place to look for work paying bitcoin, however I think it falls in the middle of the road between XBTFreelancer and Bitgigs as far as site functionality goes. The site appearance and professionalism is on par with XBTFReelancer. The search appears to be much more usable than BitGigs, but it’s not near as functional as XBTFreelancer. But I have to take into consideration the big names that are posting on Coinality. That’s a huge draw and so I have to give them credit. Put all this together and I’d happily recommend Coinality as a place to go when looking for a job that pays in bitcoin.

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