Tutorial 11 – How To Set Up A Ledger Unplugged

How To Set Up A Ledger Unplugged

This Tutorial is designed to help you set up a Ledger Unplugged.

Again, I’m going to create this Tutorial using Android. For this you will need Fidesmo app from the Google Play Store. Since your Ledger Unplugged card is essentially a blank Fidesmo Card at this point. You need to turn it into a Ledger Unplugged. The Fidesmo app is used to install the Ledger Unplugged app on your Ledger Unplugged card. You will also need the Ledger Wallet app from the Google Play Store. This is used to initialize the Ledger Unplugged once you have the software installed on the Card.

unplugged_setup_1Download and install Fidesmo app.

unplugged_setup_2Open the Fidesmo app. Read through the features if you like. It’s fairly interesting.

unplugged_setup_3There are a lot of apps here, some of which may interest you in the future. I mention a couple in my Review of the Ledger Unplugged. Once we’re done here, come back to this screen and check some of them out. Choose Ledger Unplugged.

unplugged_setup_4Choose Install On Ledger Device (Free).

unplugged_setup_5Choose Accept.

unplugged_setup_6Hold your Ledger Unplugged card to the back of the phone. Let it install.

unplugged_setup_7Once it’s done you’ll get a success message. Congratulations, you’ve successfully installed the Ledger Wallet app on your Ledger Unplugged. Choose Done and set your Ledger Unplugged aside for a second.

unplugged_setup_8If you go back to the Card apps section you’ll see the list of apps available. Now hold your Ledger Unplugged card to the back of your phone again. It will switch to the Installed screen and you’ll see the Ledger Unplugged app is installed on your Ledger Unplugged card.

unplugged_setup.8.1You can set your Ledger Unplugged card aside for a moment again and close the Fidesmo app. Download and install the Ledger Wallet app. Open the app.

unplugged_setup_9Choose Configure A Ledger Unplugged.

unplugged_setup_10Hold your Ledger Unplugged to the back of your phone.

unplugged_setup_10.1Choose Create A New Wallet.

unplugged_setup_10.2There is a security warning here. You must trust the mobile phone you’re using to set this up. If you don’t trust your phone to be free of viruses and malware stop now. Otherwise choose I Understand, Continue.

unplugged_setup_11Set a PIN.

unplugged_setup_12Re-enter your PIN.

unplugged_setup_13Now you’ll see your recovery phrase. Write this down on the Recovery Sheet that came with your Ledger Unplugged. If you don’t have this sheet, just use a piece of paper. Again, don’t bother using this one. I used it to create thess Tutorials and then deleted the wallet associated with it.

unplugged_setup_14Use your mobile phone’s camera to scan the code that came with your Ledger Unplugged. It’s on the Recovery Sheet. This syncs the wallet you created above with the Security Card that came with your Ledger Unplugged.

unplugged_setup_15Let the Ledger Wallet app complete the creation of your wallet.

unplugged_setup_16Once it’s done you’ll get a Creation Completed screen. Congratulations, you now have a fully installed Ledger Unplugged card with a configured wallet.

You will also note on the Creation Completed screen that it notifies you that you’ll need to connect your Leger Unplugged to a wallet software in order to use it. They suggest either Mycelium or GreenBits. Personally, I’ve chosen Mycelium, but you may use either. But I’ll leave that for the next Tutorial, How To Connect A Ledger Unplugged To Mycelium.

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