Tutorial 12 – How To Connect A Ledger Unplugged To Mycelium

How To Connect A Ledger Unplugged To Mycelium

This Tutorial was designed to teach you how to connect your Ledger Unplugged to Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet.

Again, I’m going to create this Tutorial using Android. If you have not set up your Ledger Unplugged, please refer to my previous Tutorial before proceeding. I will also assume you’ve already downloaded Mycelium Wallet from the Google Play Store and installed it, or at least know how to do so. Open Mycelium and go to the Accounts tab.

unplugged_mycelium_1Press on the Key+ icon at the top.

unplugged_mycelium_2Choose Advanced.

unplugged_mycelium_3Choose Ledger.

unplugged_mycelium_4Hold your Ledger Unplugged card to the back of your phone.

unplugged_mycelium_5Put in the PIN for the wallet you created on your Ledger Unplugged.

unplugged_mycelium_6Let it scan.

unplugged_mycelium_7Choose Import next unused account… at the bottom.

unplugged_mycelium_8Choose OK.

unplugged_mycelium_9Name your wallet. I named this one Ledger Unplugged. As you can see, the Ledger Unplugged has been added to available accounts.

unplugged_mycelium_10Go back to the Balance tab. As you can see, there is an address and a QR code associated with that address there. You can send Bitcoin to that address and it will be received.

unplugged_mycelium_11You can see the incoming transaction here in green.

unplugged_mycelium_12To get it back out again you just set up a Send from the Balance tab. Choose how you want to enter the address to which you wish to send. You can either scan a QR code, add from a list of known addresses (which I do not recommend), add from the clipboard, or enter it manually (which I also do not recommend).

unplugged_mycelium_13I then recommend choosing the Miner Fee before selecting an Amount. Just click on it to switch between Priority, Normal, Economic, and Low-Priority. I have listed them here from most expensive to least expensive.

unplugged_mycelium_14Then click on Amount.

unplugged_mycelium_15In the upper right you can choose your local currency, USD for me, or BTC. It will calculate how much BTC to send based on the current exchange rate if you choose a value in USD. Or you can hit Max at the bottom and send all available BTC. Then choose OK.

unplugged_mycelium_16Once the transaction is set up, choose Send.

unplugged_mycelium_17Hold your Ledger Unplugged card to the back of your phone.

unplugged_mycelium_18Put in the PIN associated with the wallet connected to your Ledger Unplugged.

unplugged_mycelium_19On the next screen you’ll need to punch in a code based on the key printed on the security card and the address to which you’re sending Bitcoin. You will be asked to punch in 4 randomly chosen characters, each one in turn. For the letter highlighted on the screen look at the security card and punch in the character below. Remember that, just like in Bitcoin addresses, upper and lower case letters are different and that difference is important.

unplugged_mycelium_20Once you put in the code the transaction will sign and then broadcast.

unplugged_mycelium_21After the transaction is broadcast it will bring you back to the Balance tab and you’ll see your outgoing amount in red.

Congratulations, you’ve set up your Ledger Unplugged and synced it to your Mycelium wallet. You can now more securely carry your Bitcoin around with you. One recommendation I would make is that, instead of carrying your Security Card around with you, put the information from the card into a password wallet on your phone. You can then have the information with you, but it’s more secure. Keep the Security Card and the Recovery Sheet in a lockbox or safe somewhere.

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