Tutorial 13 – Backup Capsules

Backup Capsules

This was a fun little project I did some time ago. There are lots of ways to store Bitcoin and this is one I thought up. This way is just as secure in its own right, if you do it properly. So, I figured I’d throw it out there for anyone looking to have a bit of a different way of doing things.

backup_capsules_1First, you’ll need to grab one of these capsules called the True Utility CashStash. It’s meant to go on your keychain and hold a fiat note for emergencies. You can pick them up on Amazon at the link I posted above. I found them on sale for $7. They go for about $10, normally. It’s made of aircraft grade aluminum, is waterproof, and just the right size for what I need.

backup_capsules_2Second, you’ll need one of these USB Block Erupter ASIC miners. I had several laying around from back when I got started in Bitcoin and used to run a miner. They served me well but have since become obsolete. After turning my miner off I wanted to do something with them because, seriously, they do look cool. You can pick them up on Amazon as well. Unfortunately the price appears to be up around $25 at the time of writing. But if you poke around the internet, maybe ask someone in Reddit’s Bitcoin Mining subreddit or Reddit’s BitMarket subreddit if  they’ll sell you one or if they’re looking to throw one out, you may find them cheaper.

backup_capsules_3Open up the Cash Stash. I recommend keeping the waterproof box it was shipped in. It might come in handy for something. I also recommend keeping the clip. I don’t store fiat in my Cash Stash, but it may come in handy to store a piece of paper.

backup_capsules_4Use a small screwdriver to remove the two clear plastic screws and the heat sink should just pop right off.

backup_capsules_5The hole from the screws should thread nicely. It’s a perfect fit for one go-round. It won’t spin completely anymore, but I don’t need it to. I suppose you could make the hole in the heatsink larger if you wanted to drill it out, but I didn’t want to bother.

backup_capsules_6I found a three pack of 4GB MicroSD cards with a USB card reader for $11. It’s far too much storage for what I’m doing, but they were cheap. They are the perfect size to fit in the Cash Stash. With the reader you could load the information from your computer onto the card.

I would consider storing the following on the card:

  1. Bitcoin Whitepaper
  2. Bitcoin Spreadsheet of public addresses and encrypted private keys related to a password number
  3. Bitcoin Wallet Backups (when we relied on files, but this could now be the .apk files, or other software, as well)
  4. Password Wallet Backups that include the passwords used to encrypt the private keys above
  5. Google 2FA temporary codes
  6. Backup/Restore Programs

You could also do multi-sig storage with these backup capsules. If you split your keys up into multi-sig keys and store parts in different capsules you could then store them in different places. All of the sensitive data should be encrypted, of course.

backup_capsules_7Here are three examples. You could store two in separate locations. You could also wear one around your neck.

Because all of the sensitive data is encrypted and possibly multi-sig, even if someone steals one, it’s no good to them. This should be everything you need to restore your Bitcoin should something happen to your phone or computer. Just remember to save early and save often.

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